CIWY Latest News

New Howler Monkey Enclosure, Thanks to IPPL!

The International Primate Protection League (IPPL) funded the construction of a new Howler Monkey Enclosure at Ambue Ari Sanctuary.

Current results and discussion from the research underway at Ambue Ari - VIII Bolivian Congress of Mastozoology and IV Latin American Congress of Mastozoology - La Paz 11.07.2018

Potentially unusual jaguar abundance within a 3.9km2 section of WCC Ambue Ari and the potential importance of surrounding landscapes to future jaguar conservation. Ollie Bartlett - Coordinator of Environmental Research

Socialization Programme for our Capuchin Monkeys

News about our socialization programme at Machia

CIWY research projects

An update on the progress of our research proyect in Ambue Ari

Working as a vet with CIWY

Read more about Marta's experience as a vet at CIWY

My experience at CIWY

Karen shares with us what she learned and lived while being at CIWY

Tejon Garden Update

Check out how the construction of our Tejon garden goes

A new enclosure for Ivan

Our tayra at Machia gets a new space

Back to Freedom

The history of 7 boas

Artist in Residence 2017/18

Meet Silvia and her art

New video by our Artist in Residence Peru Galbete

Our Artist in Residence Peru Galbete published the video of his song "Nombre" which is part of the album "Voces de la Selva".

You can check out his full…

Calling all Artists interested in #conservation and #wildlife!

Applications are now open to join our Artist in Residence programme in 2018.

News from Machia - November 2017

Snakes, Caimans and insects at WCC Machia

News from Jacj Cuisi - November 2017

Capitan's enclosure and our vegetable garden

News from Ambue Ari - October 2017

Information about our new squad member, the construction of the Tejon Garden and Maggie

News from the research project at WCC Jacj Cuisi

Habitat preferences of the endangered lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris)at WCC Jacj Cuisi.

CIWY is celebrating 25 years

CIWY is celebrating 25 years as an organization, with already 21 years in Machia. In Ambue Ari we have been working for the past 15 years and also in Jacj Cuisi it has been already 8 years now.

Olympics and more

Following the tradition of the last years, also during this week of international support for CIWY in July, we organized special activities in our Centers.  Read more... | Posted by FIWY | Aug 07, 2017

Research Project - Jacj Cuisi

An update from our Research Project in Jacj Cuisi

News from Ambue Ari - Mayo 2017

News from our WCC Ambue Ari including saying goodbye to Sama, constructions on Leo's management cage and new members.

Come and join us at Pete the Monkey Festival!

We are looking for 4 volunteers who have visited CIWY in the past to help us run a fun, awareness-raising, craft activity


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