News from Ambue Ari - October 2017

Our new Squad members

We are happy to announce that the introduction of Bruna to our Howler Squad has been successful! We started off having Bruna in a separate enclosure to check the reactions and behaviour towards her by our other howler monkeys (Alouatta sara). After our assessment time, we started taking Bruna on walks with the Squad, under the watchful eye of our Vet plus our Howler Monkey Volunteers. Thankfully she was accepted very quickly, she spent a while staying with her Volunteer for comfort while watching the others play and climb together in the trees. After being encouraged by her Volunteer to go off with the Squad instead of relying on her, she gained confidence and started playing with the Squad up on the platform, at first holding her Volunteer with her tail for comfort, then after hard work from her Volunteer she went off on her own and now plays, climbs trees, sleeps and grooms with all of the other howler monkeys. Thanks to all our Howler Monkey volunteers for your love and patience during these sensitive times.


Also this month we have moved our newest Howler monkey Beyoncé from Quarantine to be introduced to the Squad. Sabrina has been a little reluctant but is slowly starting to accept her as well. Beyoncé was very nervous at first but now is becoming more confident with her Volunteers and climbing more through the trees when she is taken to explore the jungle. We will keep you updated as we are still monitoring their behaviour before completely integrating them together. Keep an eye on this space.


The Tejon Garden

Our tejón garden is nearly complete! We have 20% left of the fencing to finish plus the management cages. It's going to be an exciting new life for our tejones (Nasua nasua) as they will have three gardens that we can move them around in for them to have new enrichment constantly. The completion of our tejón garden has been delayed due to very low numbers of volunteers this year, we held an auction last Friday to raise funds to complete the enclosure and we are nearly there! If anyone would like to donate towards our tejón garden please have a look at our donation options or contact us at


Earlier this year the sad discovery was made that local landowners had cut the boundary of their land, and, in the process had cut a 2km route that bisected the trails of Maggie, one of our charismatic pumas (Puma concolor). Due to this, Maggie was unable to leave her enclosure for several weeks.

Any new trails for Maggie would need to be an appropriate distance from agricultural lands so as to minimize the risk of future disturbance to her, and planning was further complicated by the likelihood of flooding during the wet season that affects much of her territory. However, staff was able to use geographic information systems (GIS) mapping techniques coupled with digital elevation modelling to select higher altitude areas within her territory that would have the greatest potential for avoiding flooding during the wet seasons, whilst keeping her a safe distance away from disturbance at all times.

Following a huge effort from the volunteers at Ambue Ari we are happy to report that Maggie's trails are now cut, and with her out walking almost every day she is back to being the happy puma we all know her to be. It is hoped that further trails will be made available to Maggie at the northern limits of her territory within the next few months. 


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