CIWY is celebrating 25 years

CIWY is celebrating 25 years as an organization, with already 21 years in Machia. In Ambue Ari we have been working for the past 15 years and also in Jacj Cuisi it has been already 8 years now.

Olympics and more

Following the tradition of the last years, also during this week of international support for CIWY in July, we organized special activities in our Centers. In Machia and Ambue we organized Olympics to celebrate the 25 years of CIWY. Laughing, playing and competing, everybody enjoyed a night full of games with volunteers and staff participating.

In Jacj Cuisi we organized a celebration directly on site, as well as a small party in town, where we were able to explain a bit more about our work in the Center.



Hogar Esperanza, Capuchinoso and the clown visiting CIWY

CIWY has its roots in working with children, and for a long time it collaborates with the Esperanza home that is near Villa Tunari. So also the festivities of the 25 years we wanted to share with the children of the home.

Together with Capuchinoso from England, and our clown and volunteer Raymundo Ramos, we enjoyed an afternoon full of laughter, happiness and interesting information about the animals.

Jungle race

Together with the volunteers, CIWY staff as well as the support by the Tourism and Environmental section of the local government in Villa Tunari, we organized the first “Jungle race” in the Main Square. Kids from Villa Tunari, Ivirgazama, and neighbouring villages, came to show their sports spirit. In three categories, painted and with a tail: the youngest “The coatis”, the one who follow “The monkeys” and the biggest “The pumas”, running few rounds around the Main Square. During the race, they got supported by their families, CIWY volunteers and also by the monkey and the unicorn.

Finishing the race, all the participants received water and fruits in order to recover. Tired, but happy, after having given the best of themselves, we came together at the starting point. The activity finished off with the official handover of the medals for the first three winners in each category.

We especially want to thank the local government in Villa Tunari, Jaime Tejerina from the Environmental Section as well as the Unit for Tourism of the municipality of Villa Tunari, the athletics teacher Edmundo Sandro Mamani as well as our volunteer and staff for their support during this activity.

Jungle Race

Education and Cleaning activity

We also had a visitor group in Parque Machia called “CALEB” from the Adventist church. The group was set up of people from Cochabamba, Chuquisaca, Oruro, La Paz and Santa Cruz, aged 14-54 years. After a presentation, demonstrating the importance of biodiversity and conservation, as well as speaking about the work CIWY does, we realized a clean up in the tourist path, collecting plastic bottles and other rubbish.

They spent two weeks in Villa Tunari, realizing different cleaning activities in coordination with the local government.

Thanks to the support we have been able to clean up the area a bit more, making sure there is less contamination of the environment.


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CIWY is celebrating 25 years

CIWY is celebrating 25 years as an organization, with already 21 years in Machia. In Ambue Ari we have been working for the past 15 years and also in Jacj Cuisi it has been already 8 years now.


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