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Yassi | Puma | Puma concolor

Yassi was barely a week old when her mother was killed by poachers and she was taken to be sold on the black market in Potosí along with her two sisters, Inti and Wara. When they were rescued all three of them were in a very bad state.

They were initially taken to Parque Machía, where Yassi was diagnosed with epilepsy. At Machía they received the care and medical attention they needed; all three of them managed to pull through and Yassi's epilepsy was controlled. When they were nine months old they were transferred to Parque Ambue Ari.

Yassi is a very happy and affectionate cat, she currently lives with her sister Wara. She enjoys her walks through the jungle and the company of her volunteers. She still suffers from epilepsy but this is now under control thanks to regular medication and continuous attention from our vets.


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How your donation can help

  • £15 could pay for Yassi's essential medication for a month - she regularly receives calcium and vitamin supplements and is also on medication to control her epilepsy.

  • £65 could pay for the meat that Yassi eats in a month - she gets through 1kg of meat each day.

Where will my money go?

By sponsoring Yassi you will be supporting her food, medical and general maintenance expenses. As well as supporting Yassi, your donations will also be used to support the care of other animals housed in Ambue Ari.

What will I receive?

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Banner photo: Jenny Cornish

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