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With over 500 animals to care for across our three Wildlife Sanctuaries, our greatest single expenditure is simply feeding and keeping these animals healthy. We have so many animals to care for and yet we don't have a stable source of income, since each and every month it depends on the number of volunteers who come to visit. A regular gift really will make a huge difference. Not only will it offer greater stability to the organisation, but it will also help us manage funds more effectively.

→ It currently costs $98,146 USD per year to simply feed these animals (figure taken from our 2013 annual accounts).

How does it work?

Our 'Feed Me' campaign gives you the opportunity to sponsor some of the rescued animals at each of our three Wildlife Sanctuaries.

To 'feed' one of our animals first choose the Centre you would like to support, then choose your favourite animal:

Feed Machia's animals

Feed Machia's animals

Feed Ambue Ari's animals

Feed Ambue Ari's animals

Feed Jacj Cuisi's animals

Feed Jacj Cuisi's animals

Where will my money go?

As an animal sponsor you will be helping cover their food, medical and general maintenance expenses. As well as supporting your chosen animal, your donations will also be used to support the care of other animals housed in the same Centre.

How much does it cost?

There are three different levels of sponsorship:

bronze star Bronze - £5 per month

silver star Silver - £10 per month

gold star Gold - £20 per month

What will I receive?

As a 'Feed Me' sponsor you will receive:

  • An electronic certificate
  • Your name in a star in the Feed Me Hall of Fame
  • A quarterly update with news from your sponsored animal and the Centre in which it's housed


Banner photo: Dave Magrane

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Quest Overseas organizes gap year trips for British and international students. Since 2001, Quest has worked with CIWY to bring much needed volunteers and funds. If you are interested in the programs they have with us, find out more here.

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