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Raising awareness about CIWY, the work we carry out and the opportunity to volunteer with us is vital to our existence; over half of all volunteers that reach us do so solely by word-of-mouth! Below are a few ideas about how you can help spread the word about what we do.

Speak at schools and clubs

Speak at your university, before groups or at clubs (especially those involved in conservation, wildlife medicine or zoology) about the need to protect Bolivia’s wildlife and care for those already affected by illegal animal trafficking.

We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation aimed a school children which you can use, please contact us to request a copy.

Educational resources

Share our flier

Below is flier that you can place around your university, local animal shelter, or in hostels around the world that you may be visiting. We would greatly appreciate this help to spread the word (currently only available in English). Print it in color and place on noticeboards, walls, etc., but please always request permission first.

Download a pdf copy

CIWY poster - volunteer with us!

Set up your own local group

Did you think that CIWY is just located in Bolivia? Well, think again! The Inti Wara Yassi community is a global one and there are many ways to get involved in your own country.

Many volunteers have gone on to raise funds and awareness of our work in their home countries and further afield. As a result of this regional CIWY groups, both official and informal, have sprung up across the globe; with previous and prospective volunteers meeting up to catch up on the latest CIWY news, as well as raising funds and campaigning on CIWY's behalf. One of the largest of these regional communities is Friends of Inti Wara Yassi, CIWY's UK branch and also a registered charity.

If you would like to create a local CIWY group in your own country, please do get in contact with us and we will help you get it started. Your local group can be as formal or informal as you like, and if nothing else it's a good excuse to get to know the wider Inti Wara Yassi community in your area!

Join us on social media

Whether you’re more into Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, we have you covered with the latest news. Join us on any or all of the following social networks and then share our news with your friends.


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Our Partners

Friends of Inti Wara Yassi (FIWY) is our sister organization in the UK. They have been a major source of support since their founding in 2008. Find out more about FIWY here.

Quest Overseas organizes gap year trips for British and international students. Since 2001, Quest has worked with CIWY to bring much needed volunteers and funds. If you are interested in the programs they have with us, find out more here.

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